USE-IT! Social Enterprise Work Experience Co-ordinator

Co-operative Futures is looking to contract a local organisation, consortium of organisations or an individual that can co-ordinate work experience placements for adults in social enterprises

The USE-IT! Programme takes a place-based approach to supporting residents to trade their way out of poverty and social exclusion by supporting the creation of a community of social entrepreneurs. It is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and led by Birmingham City Council and is based in the adjacent wards of Ladywood, Soho, Winson Green and Smethwick.

Co-operative Futures is a specialist business consultancy for co-operative and community owned enterprises.

The USE-IT! Programme is developing a programme of work experience which will place people from the local communities in social enterprises as part of preparation for employment or to provide an experience of social enterprise which could lead to a decision to start a social enterprise.


The role of the Social Enterprise Work Experience Co-ordinator is two-fold:

  • To identify and support adults who may want to undertake a work experience placement in a social enterprise
  • To support social enterprises to enable them to host work experience placements

To carry out this role Co-operative Futures is looking for a local organisation, consortium or individual that has:

  • experience of co-ordinating work placements or similar,
  • an understanding of the social enterprise sector
  • experience of supporting individuals undertaking work experience placements or similar.

Given that USE-IT! has a specific geographical remit, it would be preferred if the bidder is based in the USE-IT! area in order to bring together relevant local knowledge and strong relational links across the 3 mains wards.

Outputs and contract management

Activity under the contract will be overseen by Co-operative Futures’ USE-IT! manager through a regular review of data captured by the contractor in an agreed format, showing progress towards the agreed metrics.

The outputs for the contract are:

  1. 30 work experience placements undertaken
  2. 20 social enterprises hosting work experience
  3. The development of online resources to support work experience in social enterprises

Contract value and duration

£7,875 excl VAT.

The contract will run from for 21 months from 1st April 2018 until 30th December 2019.

Bidding information and deadline

Please include in your submission:

  • Details of key individuals who will be involved in delivering the services
  • Proposed methodology for delivery of the contract
  • Track record
  • Referees

Bids must be submitted by 5pm on Wednesday 31st January to