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‘The Solution Lies in the Problem’: A Reflection on Worm Composting, Community Business and the ‘Making Places Last’ Conference

Flashback to July 2017: I was invited by my friend Malcolm Currie (co-operator and chair of Uplands Co-operative Allotments Association) to attend a monthly gathering called Green Drinks. Over dinner, Malcolm invited each person to share a bit about their involvement in the ‘green’ movement. I mentioned something about my fascination with worm composting, and about our residents’ association experimenting with how worms can help us ‘flip the food waste equation’ into a practical solution.

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“Food Fit for All”: Modified Foods as a Market Opportunity

Recently I was catching up with a friend who had just come back from holiday in the USA. After describing the highlights of the sightseeing and natural beauty, she told me about an unexpected highlight from here trip: going to a “Cat Café.” That’s right: a café that serves coffee drinks with the ‘added value’ of customers getting to hang out with cats.

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