Co-ops UK update

Co-ops UK have recently added a bunch of new resources to their site to help co-ops and community owned businesses with specific sticking points. Definitely worth taking a look!

Firstly, there’s a shiny new Finance Toolkit written in partnership with Third Sector Accountancy Limited.

The toolkit includes the following guides:

  • Society Audit Requirements
  • Co-operative Treasurer Role Portrait
  • Corporation tax
  • Finance checklist
  • Mutual trading
  • Financial reporting for co-operatives
  • VAT
  • Template accounts
  • Special case
  • PAYE

Secondly, Anthony Collins solicitors have written a great blog on Dealing with Disputes in co-operative societies.

Again, something that you would hope not to have to deal with, but important to be prepared for should the worst happen – Anthony Collins have written a handy guide to Dealing with the Death of a Member.

Yet another great checklist from Anthony Collins; what to consider when entering into a contract for goods and services.

Lastly, Co-ops UK have produced a guide to ensuring your board is fit for purpose by carrying out a board evaluation.

“An effective board will be diverse and include a balanced mix of skills, knowledge and expertise needed for the size and complexity of the cooperative’s business.”

Happy reading!