Community Wealth Building 2019

Community Wealth Building 2019 – Theory, practice and next steps

CLES have recently released their latest report on Community Wealth Building – well worth a read!

“This publication provides an overview of the theory of community wealth building, highlights of the past year, tried and tested practice, as well as the ways in which people, organisations and areas across the UK are forging new ground. In addition, the publication outlines the challenges that are currently affecting the advancement of community wealth building. It also provides some next steps that we hope will continue to build and grow this flourishing movement, enabling it to develop at scale across the UK.”

Co-operative Futures attended CLES’s Community Wealth Building Summit earlier this year, which was a great opportunity to learn from others around the country about the progressive work they are doing in this area. If you weren’t able to attend, there’s a nice overview of the conference here.